Shopping News


Metropole Shopping is celebrating the start of the year by enthusiastically welcoming three new iconic brands that will enrich the shopping experience of our distinguished visitors. Fabiana Filippi, Collini, and Galleries Bartoux are the latest gems to join the constellation of renowned boutiques in the heart of Monaco.

Fabiana Filippi, emissary of Italian elegance, evokes an exquisite experience with her creations combining exceptional quality and refined style. Immerse yourself in urbanity chic at its finest with Collini, master of urban chic, who presents an innovative collection that blends avant-garde and contemporary aesthetics. Let yourself be seduced by unique and daring pieces that combine modernity with traditional heritage. Finally, the Bartoux Galleries, synonymous with artistic excellence, add an exceptional dimension to your shopping. Explore a gallery where art comes to life, with works ranging from sculpture to painting, providing an immersive and inspiring experience.

The aisles of Metropole Shopping are now overflowing with new opportunities for shopping and exploration. Whether you're passionate about Italian fashion, urban chic, or contemporary art, these new additions promise a unique and memorable shopping experience.