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This year, the Metropole Shopping Monte-Carlo is putting up traditional Christmas decorations for its visitors, based on the theme, ‘An American Christmas.’ So come and join the festive mood around an imposing 8-metre high Christmas tree, inspired by the famous New York fir-trees and decorated with the famous candy canes and gingerbread men.

Don’t forget to visit Rudolph, Father Christmas’ oldest reindeer, an ‘animatronic’ character more real that nature which will relate tales of his wild adventures with Santa to spellbound children. His legendary sleigh has also landed at Metropole Shopping, climb aboard for a selfie session #metropoleshoppingmontecarlo.

Letters to Father Christmas

From 20 November to 24 December your children can post their letters to Father Christmas on the 1st floor of Metropole Shopping. There, they will find a highly amusing talking postbox which will deliver the letters directly to Father Christmas.

A service provided in partnership with the Monaco Post Office, Office des Emissions des Timbres-poste et Graphic Service, answers provided within 72 hours.

Father Christmas’ photo studio

As for Father Christmas, he will be waiting for the little ones (and why not, the bigger ones too?) on the 2nd floor of Metropole Shopping, in the middle of an ark of giant presents, for a souvenir photo from 20 November until 24 December (for a fee).